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Season is built

11/25/2022, 9:30am EST
By Walt Milligan

All the games are now scheduled.  They are scheduled for April 1 at noon.  Team website reps will be able to edit the games to put in the real dates and times, and report the scores after the games are played.

If you want a sponsor listed or a name change, let me know.

Every team should have a volunteer website rep.  This is how scores get reported and standings get updated.  It is not very difficult.  Talk to your coach or team manager if you would like to volunteer, then fill out the registration below so I can make you an editor of your team page and game scores.

Website Rep registration

Instructions for editing your team page and entering scores are given in the link to the left (Website Team Reps) The minimum required is to enter your scores, if the rep for the opponent has not already. 

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