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Regional Tournament Schedules

01/02/2019, 2:00pm EST
By Walt Milligan

East Regionals - Manistique

West Regionals - Iron River

Reminder that Iron River is on Central Standard Time!

Tournament structure, rules and brackets can all be found in the District 8 Tournament Handbook found on the MAHA District 8 page (District Tournaments link on that page).

Still need reps for many teams

12/08/2018, 4:00pm EST
By Walt Milligan

Only about half the teams have website reps reporting scores.

This league depends on its volunteers.  It's not a hard job.  Please consider volunteering. 

You can check the link to the left to see if your team has a rep already or not.  Direct link here.  

Need team website representative volunteers

11/15/2018, 3:15pm EST
By Walt Milligan

OK, now that the season is underway, each team needs to have a website representative to upload scores.  There is a list of current reps at the "Website Team Reps" button to the left.  If your team is not represented, and you have some computer savvy, talk to your coach or team manager and see if you can volunteer.

The instructions are all available at the "Website Instructions" button to the left.  

Reps must register here so they can get editing permissions.  

Sled Hockey is available in the U.P.

11/14/2018, 1:15pm EST
By Walt Milligan

If you know someone who is disabled and would like to try sled hockey, see the flyer from Sled Hockey U.P. here!

You don't have to be disabled to try it or to get involved.  

Season is Built

11/09/2018, 1:45pm EST
By Walt Milligan

As you can see on the left navigation bar, the new season is built and ready to go.  Please check out your team and league and send an e-mail to for any of the following reasons:

  • The schedule is wrong
  • Your team name is wrong, or you want to add a sponsor.  (Note that for the "short" fields, I have to use a short name for it to fit and sometimes the sponsor name will not fit there.)
  • Anything else that looks suspicious

I'm going to give it a couple of days before I start giving out website editing permissions, so if I have to fix something, people will not have to do the work all over again.  

If you want to be the website rep for your team, please check out the "website instructions" link to the left and check with your coach to see if they need you or not.


UPDATE November 11:  I have started to give permission for website reps to edit their pages and enter scores.  Fill out the registration link below if you want to volunteer for your team (after talking to your coach or team manager.)

If  you register and can't get in within a couple of days, send an e-mail to