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CUP League Rules and Policies

The general philosophy of the CUP League is that we play by all current MAHA and USA Hockey regulations. Besides USA Hockey and MAHA documents, the only two governing documents are the Constitution and By-Laws. Documents are available at the links below.

Game-playing regulations are in the by-laws.

League Structure and Procedures

The League hosts youth teams from 10U through 18U, and girls teams as demand exists.  All teams must meet MAHA requirements for B or BB level competition, corresponding to "house" or "recreational" hockey.  

At the Fall Meeting, divisions are agreed upon based on the number of teams expected and their geographical distributions.  Round-robin schedules are constructed by the League schedulers directly after the meeting.

Division or League Champions are declared based on regular season standings.  There are no league playoffs.  In the case of ties, trophies are awarded to both teams; there are no tie-breakers.