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Having problems with MAHA background check?

09/05/2013, 3:15pm EDT
By Walt Milligan

Starting this year, MAHA is using, the same company that hosts this new website, for background screening.  The link is here.  

There have been some issues.  MAHA has asked us to post the following tips, which are also on the page listed above:  

1. If you are having problems with your confirmation, ie; No date or Name,
Log back in to Sport Ngin dashboard and reprint your confirmation. If you go to purchased items, then click on order #, then in upper right hand corner you will see print confirmation;
2. If you have not received your email confirmation that you have passed, you can do same as above and your reprint should have your status if it has been at least 3 days, or you can email or call Sport Ngin support;
Sport Ngin support help: support@sportngin.com888.255.7840 option 3
3. If you cannot log in or you have forgotten your ID or password or have a statement saying you already have a login ID you can reset your ID or password by emailing to;

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